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     The worker cleaned our carpets meticulously and communicated very well, being completely transparent. Very happy with the service.
Neil Gordon09/07/2024
     I've never encountered a better cleaner than yours.
Meghan B.20/06/2024
     Reliable and capable. Enjoyable company to collaborate with.
Harold L.10/06/2024
     Trustworthy and productive. Easy-to-talk-to company.
Liam F.10/06/2024
     Dependable and effective. Very responsive team.
     I highly recommend using this company for hassle-free, routine cleanings and their designated cleaner consistently delivers top-notch results.
     She uses her intelligence and expertise to make sure every home she works in is sparkling clean and well-organized.
Jen S.21/03/2024
     Our experience with Wood Green Cleaning Services yesterday was nothing short of amazing. The person who came by was incredibly kind and did a remarkable job on our carpets, which were in dire need of cleaning after months of lockdown.
Hope G.11/03/2024
     The results achieved during our end of tenancy cleaning were truly remarkable, thanks to the expert knowledge and attention to detail displayed by the fantastic team of cleaners.
Trevor Hollingsworth21/02/2024
     I've been surprised by a lot of stores and services in the past, but this was the first good surprise I've had in a long time. For the low price they charge, I wasn't expecting much out of CarpetCleaningWoodGreen, but they gave my whole house a thorough and high-quality clean, and got rid of a few marks in the carpet that I thought I would have to put up with! They arrived exactly when they said, and everyone who dealt with me was polite and considerate. Keep it up for round two guys!
James W.21/12/2015